1 PLASTIC pocket folders WITH prongs - Solid BLUE

1 PLASTIC pocket folders WITH prongs - Solid YELLOW

2 Facial tissue

2 4-pack of glue sticks (approx. 24 oz per stick)

1 Spiral notebook

2 Box of 24 count crayons

2 Box of 8 count washable Crayola markers-classic colors

LARGE plastic school box (no handles)

1 Pack BLACK Expo markers

1 Pack BLACK Expo markers - Skinny

2 Containers of DISINFECTING wipes

2 Beveled eraser

1 Bottle of Elmers Liquid Glue

Hand Sanitizer - 12 oz.

1 Primary Composition Notebook with picture box

Ticoderoga pencils (12 pack)

1 1 Inch Clear View binder


Kindergarten School Supplies

  • Your school supplies will be waiting for your student in their classroom during the Back to School Bash in August. 

  • 1 pair durable over the ear headphones

    1 book bag/backpack (without wheels is recommended.) Please ensure it will fit into their school locker

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