The PTA holds fundraising events which are the primary source of income for the association.  It is this income that allows the PTA to sponsor so many things that you see and do at Riverview. 

PTA is not a fundraising organization. It is not our goal to collect as much money as we can. To the contrary, PTA aims to raise just enough to cover the programs we provide. 

If funds raised in the school year exceed the costs of these programs and services, the PTA has traditionally purchased items the school needs that enhance the educational experience for all Riverview students, such as the PA system for the Gym,  document camera for the art teacher, walkie talkies for playground safety and partially funded the new computer lab.

We certainly understand that families are frequently asked for money to support a variety of worthy causes related to their children's education. We only ask that each family consider each cause and their ability to donate.


During the 1st Semester (Aug-Dec) the PTA's main fundraiser includes the:

  • Falcon Fun Run - Students will participate in this fun run held during the school day.  Students raise funds through a flat donation. 


During the 2nd Semester (Jan-May) the PTA's main fundraisers include the:

  • If the PTA can raise all the funds needed for programs and fun activities during the Falcon Fun Run, we will not add any additional fundraisers for the year.  

While the PTA receives most of its funding through our large fundraisers, a small percentage comes from year round fundraising, which includes:  

  • Birthday Sign

  • Box Tops 

  • Amazon Smile