Empower player comms with Voice and Text Chat

Build communities with a scalable and cost-friendly communication solution that connects your players over distance and platform divides.

Get your players talking to build your in-game community

Enable better cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences by letting your players talk through in-game voice or text chat. Vivox lets players communicate across multiple platforms whether your game was built in Unreal, Unity, or a custom engine.


Get talking with real-time voice chat

Give your players a voice in their games with Voice Chat (Vivox). Leverage 2D channels for teammates to communicate, or make truly immersive worlds with 3D positional channels that factor in player position and orientation.

Coordinate with active text chat

Empower players with another way to connect through integrated group chat and direct messaging. Whether in a team or taking on a two-person adventure, Text Chat enables your players to communicate.

Ensure accessibility with key features

Take advantage of vital features like speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and other technology that meet compliance needs and provides players with an amazing and accessible experience.


How Valorant connects player with Voice Chat (Vivox)
Case Study

Learn how a AAA studio with a massively popular game ensured reliable, immersive  player communication.

Empowering a crossplay community for Dauntless
Case Study

See how Phoenix Labs integrates Vivox to ensure players can communicate on any platform.

Fueling collaboration and competition in Rainbow Six Siege
Case Study

Find out how switching from peer-to-peer yielded a significant improvement in voice stability and performance for players.

Building communities for game studios

In this guide, with insights from PUBG and Hi-Rez, we’ll demonstrate how to use in-game communications to build thriving communities.

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Use cases

Learn more about the benefits of using Voice Chat and Text Chat in your game.


Get your burning questions about Vivox answered.


Explore the technical details of implementing Voice Chat and Text Chat.

Build your community with Vivox

Great comms are vital to building a thriving community for your game and improving retention. Sign up today to accelerate your speed to market and take advantage of AAA-proven services for your game.

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