Highest-performance VR and XR devices for professionals

By precisely recreating the feel and conditions of real life, Varjo’s virtual and mixed reality headsets offer deep immersion, so you perform better and learn faster.

Human-eye resolution and the widest field of view

Varjo sets a new industry standard for visual fidelity, unlocking new professional applications across augmented, virtual and mixed reality environments. 

The Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 are the world’s only headsets to feature resolution over 70 PPD with a 115º field of view, guaranteeing the most natural immersive experiences ever constructed.

Welcome to the only photorealistic mixed reality

For mixed reality to be valuable for professional use, it has to be convincing. By using low-latency video pass-through, Varjo meticulously merges real and virtual. Virtual objects can be black or opaque and are utterly photorealistic, with true-to-life shadows and lights.

Christian Braun, Vice President of Visual Art Design, Volvo

“Through our use of Varjo’s mixed reality headsets and Unity, we are pioneering automotive design work. The immersive experiences we create are so realistic that we can now accurately explore and test new design possibilities for aesthetics and safety that weren’t possible until now.”

Christian Braun, Vice President of Visual Art Design, Volvo
Ingrid Laerdal, Vice President of Patient Care, Laerdal

“A new level of realism, immersion and emotional engagement – almost allowing the learners to forget they are wearing a headset.”

Ingrid Laerdal, Vice President of Patient Care, Laerdal

Key benefits

Unmatched realism for all workflows

Replicate the exact conditions needed for true-to-life feel for rigorous training and simulation, industrial design, or medical and research applications.

Perfect 3D visualizations

Experience perfect 3D visualizations in VR or XR – see all textures, reflections, colors, text, curvatures and angles in stunning clarity.

Perform in total comfort

Work comfortably even during multi-hour VR/XR sessions, thanks to Varjo’s automatic lens positioning, active cooling, 90 Hz frame rate, and ultra-wide optical design.

Natural, effortless interactions in VR/XR

Interact with objects naturally and intuitively with built-in Ultraleap hand tracking. Track and analyze performance with integrated eye tracking.

Reduce the cost of training by up to 99%

Replace or supplement traditional training solutions, such as costly physical simulators, with Varjo’s high-performance VR/XR – and save vast amounts of money.

Remote collaboration when the world most needs it

Collaborate reliably with colleagues anywhere. Explore the same 3D models, trusting that everything – from tiny details to full-scale views – looks just right, across virtual environments.

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