Use cases

Discover how Voice and Text Chat from Vivox fits into your tech stack and learn how top studios work with Unity to power their player communication.

Offer cross-play friendly communication to players

If your game supports cross-platform play, then it should provide cross-platform chat as well – and Vivox can help. With Voice Chat and Text Chat from Vivox, you can let your players talk in-game no matter the platform they’re playing on.

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Bring your own game engine

We don’t discriminate – whether your game is built on Unity, Unreal, or another game engine, you can integrate player communications from Vivox in less than two days and scale to any number of players.

Build an in-game community your way

A game with a community is better for retention – so what’s your plan? Whether your game loop is designed for collaboration or competition, you can integrate the features you need from Vivox to get your players talking. Choose from Voice Chat, Text Chat, or a mix of both to start building a community in your game.

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Make your game accessible to all players

Leverage built-in solutions to make more voice and text chat options readily available for everyone – like Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech. Now your studio can provide accessibility by design without having to build the tools yourself.

Support players from any device

Voice and Text Chat from Vivox is trusted by studios of all sizes to manage comms on console, mobile, and PC – wherever their players are. With mobile-optimized features like the Automatic Recovery System and Smart Platform Audio Management, you can trust that your players have an echo-free and disconnection-proof experience when playing your mobile titles.

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Bring community into your game with Vivox

Great comms are vital to building a thriving community for your game and improving retention. Sign up today to accelerate your speed to market and take advantage of AAA-proven services for your game.