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Maximize your revenue and acquire valuable users.

Maximize your game revenue and growth

Unity Ads gives you tools and analytics to drive revenue and growth goals. Whether you’re a game publisher, advertiser or both, Unity Ads has the expertise and experience you need to support your monetization and user acquisition (UA) strategy.

Integrate ads and optimize campaigns

Earn ad revenue in your game with Unified Auction, diverse formats, and advanced analytics. For UA campaigns, tools like Audience Pinpointer, Automated Bidding, and Report Builder offer unique insights, premium ad inventory, and self-service workflows.

Start monetizing your game

Unity Ads SDK

The Unity Ads SDK is designed to be lightweight while ensuring your game has the latest monetization features.

In-app purchase (IAP) integration

Set up the Unity Ads IAP integration, and start building an in-game economy that will generate sustained and diverse revenue.

Monetize dashboard

The Unity Monetize dashboard helps you place, manage and analyze your game’s ads and IAP.

Make your game a source of revenue

Our monetization solutions are built around the easy integration of diverse ad formats and access to a global scale of advertising demand to support your business growth.

Unity Dashboard Monetization
Unified auction

Drive the highest revenue with your in-game ads, whether the advertiser comes from Unity or one of over 60 other demand partners.

Ad formats
Diverse ad formats

Integrate different ad formats such as full screen rewarded videos, interstitials, banners and others into gameplay to boost CPM results.

Start acquiring users

Acquire dashboard

The Unity Acquire dashboard is your go-to self-serve site to set up and modify your campaigns directly.

Audience Pinpointer

Audience Pinpointer makes sure you are paying the right price for each player through dynamic cost per-install (CPI) rates based on your optimization goals.

Automated bidding

With an automated bidding strategy, you can maximize installs for your campaigns and optimize allocation throughout the day, allowing you to scale your game without exceeding your budget.

Find valuable users to grow your game

Our user acquisition (UA) solutions are made to maximize the reach of your ads by making you visible to the players most likely to help you achieve your campaign goals.

Global scale

With 2.6 billion global devices reached and 23B ads served each month via Unity, our global scale can help you be seen and engage with audiences to achieve your campaign goals.

Advanced targeting

Unity has a variety of targeting tools that you can incorporate into your campaign. Get help focusing on your user base and converting them into valuable new players.

unity ads data

Unity Ads data analyzed

Dive into user acquisition and monetization trends, benchmarks, tactics, and strategies that will help your game see continued success.

Customer spotlight

Conrad McGee-Stocks, User Acquisition Lead, Uken Games

“Since we went with Unity and their Unified Auction as one single source, we’ve experienced a 15% increase over baseline in engagement (sessions) and a 7% lift in retention.”

Conrad McGee-Stocks, User Acquisition Lead, Uken Games
Vikash Jaiswal, CEO and Founder, Gametion

“Unity is fabulous. Super fast and easy to use. Overall, the performance is of superior quality. With Unity, we were able to expand our game into the most installed game in India.”

Vikash Jaiswal, CEO and Founder, Gametion

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Frequently asked questions


What are some games that currently use Unity Ads?

Unity Ads solutions are trusted by thousands of game publishers and advertisers to reach billions of players each month. Customers around the world rely on Unity Ads to monetize their games and acquire new users. Read more about our customer success stories here.

Which version of Unity Ads SDK should I be using?

The Unity Ads SDK is updated several times a year to add new features, fix bugs, or to address changes in the ad industry ecosystem. Get the latest Ads SDK here.

How much money can I expect to make with my game?

The average eCPM for Unity Ads depends on many factors such as platform, region, player demographics, and in-game placements. The biggest factor is the number of players engaging in your game. The ads monetization best practices guide provides advice on maximizing revenue through strategic implementation.

How does the payment process work?

Publishers can now receive automated payouts for their Unity Ads earnings every month. View our step-by-step guide to configuring automated payouts for your organization.


How can I improve my campaign’s performance?

Our machine learning algorithm will always work to find the best users for you. However, the two main factors that contribute to a successful ad campaign are using engaging creatives that drive conversion rate and making competitive CPI bids. For more tips, please see documentation on optimizing campaigns.

What is automated bidding?

A new bidding strategy for install campaigns, automated bidding allows you to scale your game without exceeding your budget as our system limits your spending. This bidding strategy is a new beta feature for iOS install campaigns, and you can view more details in our knowledge base.

What is Audience Pinpointer?

Audience Pinpointer is a powerful UA tool that uses machine learning to help you find the players most likely to have value beyond the app install. Using dynamic pricing, it allows you to bid more for predicted high-value users and less for easy to find users. Read more about how it helps your return on ad spend (ROAS) and retention goals here.

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