Tilia for Unity

Power creator-based economies

Tilia for Unity is the only end-to-end, fully compliant in-game payment platform that includes payment processing, digital wallet management, and cashouts.

The only end-to-end in-game payment platform

Tilia offers a full end-to-end solution enabling publishers to create and manage in-world economies and monetize user interactions. It is also the only provider with the money transfer licenses needed to legally cash out in-game currencies to USD.

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Use only the functions you need

Payment processing diagram

Access payment processing that allows users to buy in-game currency using their credit cards.

Digital wallet management diagram

Create and manage in-game wallets so users can buy virtual goods or other services within the game or virtual world.

Digital payout diagram

TiliaPay is the only fully compliant provider of cashout services that allows users to convert in-game currencies to USD or other fiat currencies.

Brad Oberwager, Executive Chairman, Linden Lab, parent of Second Life

"Tilia is the backbone of Second Life’s $650MM virtual economy, paying out over $80MM to creators each year."

Brad Oberwager, Executive Chairman, Linden Lab, parent of Second Life
Idan Zuckerman, Cofounder, Upland

“Tilia helps fulfill our promise of offering players true ownership of their digital property by allowing those goods to retain value in a fair and open marketplace."

Idan Zuckerman, Cofounder, Upland

Unique Tilia benefits

Secure transactions

With Tilia, your customers can trust that virtual economy transactions are safe, secure, and compliant. Mitigating the risk of fraud and unlawful activities from your digital marketplace engenders trust and promotes consumer participation.

Fully compliant

Tilia Inc. is registered as a money services business with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and licensed as a money transmitter in all U.S. States and Territories where licenses are required. Tilia has therefore been thoroughly vetted through a rigorous application process by each jurisdiction. This process involves risk assessments, anti-money laundering and fraud prevention controls, extensive training, regular testing by independent auditors, and continuous examinations by State regulatory agencies.


Tilia is the trusted solution for Second Life, the internet’s largest user-created virtual world, whose online assets comprised a GDP of $600 million in 2019. It is also used by Sansar, a virtual events platform that has radically transcended the concert-going experience, and Upland, a blockchain virtual property game.


Tilia services are backed by seasoned compliance staff and support professionals focused on providing the best customer experience. Across the metrics of scale, niche, and convenience, Tilia is the tool to keep you and your users safe.

Get paid with Tilia

Discover the benefits of using Tilia’s comprehensive in-game payment platform in your game.

Frequently asked questions

Can I just convert dollars to in-game tokens?

Yes, you can build the payment solution that works for your needs. Many of our partners start out with TiliaDirect, our payment processing solution, given the savings it can deliver versus existing payment relationships as well as the ability to “future proof” the functionality as they expand their in-game economies.

How do I get started?

Just reach out through the Contact Us button or by email at partnerships@tilia.io.  A Tilia representative will walk you through the simple process needed to identify and support your unique needs as well as the onboarding process and timeline.

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