Abu Huraira
Junior Unity Engineer, FRAG Games

Abu works at FRAG Games in Lahore, Pakistan. With about a year of experience in the gaming industry, he’s constantly learning and trying to outdo himself. Abu loves reading books and playing games – at work, that's exactly what he does.

Adam May
Immersive Creator & Producer, Vision 3

Adam’s real-time and location-based social VR, AR, and projection experiences aim to reconnect audiences with our natural world. He’s excited by the amazing opportunities for audience engagement, social impact, and moments of sheer wonder that the future of immersive media provides.

Alexander Jones, EdD
Faculty Coordinator, Canada College

Alexander is a dedicated educator with over 14 years of experience in workforce development, industry partnerships, professional development programming, and career pathway development for diverse learners.

Anetha Evans
Experimental Artist, Spelman College (Innovation Lab)

Anetha is a senior art major from Okinawa, Japan, with concentrations in Japan studies and interactive media at Spelman College. Her other areas of focus include Japanese manga-style artwork and animation, graphic design, video production, game development, creative technology, and visual art.

Arana Shapiro
Managing Director & Chief Learning Officer, Games for Change

Arana has 20+ years of experience in education and nonprofit management as a teacher, educational technologist, curriculum developer, and organizational leader. Having joined Games for Change in 2019, Arana oversees the organization's operations and provides strategic and programmatic support on all learning initiatives.

Binh Minh Herbst
Cofounder & Creative Director for XR Experiences, A.MUSE

As a Vietnamese-German creative director and a migrant mom in tech, Binh Minh’s award-winning interactive creations always push the boundaries between the physical and the digital through poetry, heart, and brains. Her vision is to design for a better future and connect societies through emotional experiences and social entrepreneurship.

Cat Ross
Cofounder & Creative Director, Love Death Design

Cat is a researcher, technologist, and performing artist whose practice is centered in social and environmental justice as they relate to burgeoning technologies. Their work finds form in VR and AR, spatialized sound, 3D environmental design and animation, immersive film, and live performance.

Ciara Hamagishi
Senior Education Partnerships Manager, Unity

Ciara leads Unity’s global university partnership strategy and has over a decade of experience in education partnerships, marketing, admissions, and recruitment. She is an expert on the landscape of higher education in Canada and the U.S. Prior to Unity, she was on the leadership team of a Canadian technology bootcamp.

Cleo Barnett
Director & Cocreative Director, Amplifier Studios

Cleo has stewarded Amplifier from a startup to a globally recognized art and social justice organization. She oversees all aspects of the organization’s life, from building and running campaigns and programs to artist management, finance, administration, and strategic planning.

Dave Evans
Studio Director, Falling Squirrel

Dave is a Canadian director, writer, and actor in the film, television, and gaming industries. His studio, Falling Squirrel, specializes in story-driven game experiences with the specific goal of pioneering advances in narrative design and blind accessible audio game mechanics.

Dr. David Washington
Founder & CEO, DrDWash.com

David is a former aide to President Obama and a leader in the social impact space at the intersection of corporations, culture, and civic engagement. Having advised everyone from Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga to Unity, E3, and Disney, his passion is amplifying the innate social impact superpowers of humankind.

Deidre LaCour
Cyber Engineer, L3Harris & CEO, Crafting Heroes

Deidre is the CEO of Crafting Heroes and a cybersecurity engineer at L3Harris Technologies. With her computer security, business, and social impact innovation background, she operates in technology and education to build a better, more sustainable future.

Emilia Sánchez Chiquetti
XR Director, Presencias

Trained at the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires, Emilia is dedicated to the creation of theatrical and audiovisual pieces. Her passion for immersive narratives and the crossing of languages led her to form Presencias, a production company creating experiences that explore significant interactions and spatial narratives.

Dr. Erika Woolsey
CEO, The Hydrous

Erika is a marine biologist, National Geographic explorer, XR creator, visiting scholar at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and chief scientist and CEO of The Hydrous, a nonprofit creating “open access oceans” so that people can explore, understand, and engage with threatened marine environments.

Gabriel G. Torres

Gabriel is an artist from Colombia and New York and creator of Haus of Dust, an awareness campaign on substance use in Latinx queer communities drawn from his experience. His work centers community engagement, placemaking, theater, and film. He has worked as an educator, documentarian, theater director, and consultant.

Galina Fedulova
Senior Marketing Manager, Wooga

Galina works for Playtika’s Berlin-based game studio Wooga on their biggest title, June’s Journey. Her role focuses on product marketing, media buying, and player research. Galina is passionate about understanding the player community's voice and motivations to develop effective, integrated marketing campaigns.

Hitoshi Kawasaki
CTO, ImaCreate

Hitoshi received bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering from Keio University in 2007 and 2009 and worked for NTT R&D from 2009 to 2018. He now works for ImaCreate and is a doctor at the University of Tokyo researching human capacity expansion through XR.

Hunter Bulkeley
Game Manager, Tilting Point

Hunter led the development and marketing of TerraGenesis and its sequel Operation Landfall. He also oversaw LiveOps in SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off and led the soft launch of Warhammer: Chaos & Conquest. Prior to Tilting Point, Hunter was a game designer at Outplay while studying at the University of Saint Andrews.

Ines Said
Software Engineer (VR/AR), Zpryme

Ines is a software engineer developing VR applications with a focus on sustainable energy. Her goal is to combine art and technology while tackling complex social issues. As a researcher, Ines’ work has been featured in numerous showcases and venues including ACM VRST, AWE, and Games for Change.

Ingrid Lestiyo
Senior Vice President & General Manager, Operate Solutions, Unity

Ingrid is responsible for providing products, services, and insights to customers that enable them to operate, reduce cost, and maximize return by creating content for their end users. Previously, Ingrid held roles at Rubicon Project, Mobsmith, and Yahoo!, and was the general manager for Unity’s monetization offerings.

Jazmin Cano
Accessibility Product Manager, Owlchemy Labs

Jazmin has spent eight years in the VR space working to build better products with a focus on accessibility. Her passion for accessibility is a driving factor in her work, which strives to make virtual reality available to everyone.

Jenna Gauthier
Centre Manager, Autism CanTech! – NorQuest College

Jenna is an occupational therapist with over 15 years of experience working with Autistic individuals. As manager of the Autism CanTech! Centre, her goal is to empower Autistic individuals, remove barriers, and ensure all stakeholders have the skills needed to enhance inclusion and accessibility.

Jens Isensee
Creative Director, Serious Bros.

Jens is a game designer and multimedia artist with a focus on participative art and interactive video installations. His works employ temporal materials in combination with technical elements and software, ranging from motors, loudspeakers, and cameras to computer hardware, sensors, game engines, and experimental short films.

Jessica Lindl
VP Social Impact, Unity

Throughout her career, Jessica has worked to improve outcomes and earning potential for learners worldwide. In 2012, Jessica fell in love with Unity as a means for making change. Now, as the vice president of social impact, she focuses on empowering Unity creators and employees to make the world a better place.

Joanna Popper
Chief Metaverse Officer, Creative Artists Agency

In her role at CAA, Joanna leads metaverse initiatives for the agency and its clients. She previously held roles at HP, Singularity University, and NBCUniversal, and has served as executive producer for award-winning VR projects including Breonna’s Garden, Finding Pandora X, and Fight Back.

Joy Horvath
Senior Instructional Designer, Unity

Joy works on the Real-Time Learning team as an educational content creator for the Unity Learn platform. Before joining Unity, Joy split her time between working in the game industry and the education sector, developing and leading courses on game design.

Jude Ower
Founder & CEO, Playmob

Jude is the founder and CEO of Playmob and a cofounder of the Playing for the Planet Alliance. She’s passionate about data for good and finding ways to use data to achieve fairer outcomes for people and the planet.

Katerina Cizek
Artistic Director & Cofounder, MIT Co-Creation Studio

Katerina is an award-winning documentarian, author, producer, and leader working with collective processes and emergent technologies. She is the cofounder, executive producer, and artistic director of the Co-Creation Studio, and cowrote Collective Wisdom, the first comprehensive book on media cocreation.

Kathryn Evans
Social Movement Facilitator & Coach, Rooted Strategy

Kathryn’s work at Rooted Strategy is at the intersection of social justice, systems change, and consciously shaping culture toward equity and liberation. She writes about motherhood, beloved community, complex human emotion, transitions, and the liminal space between where we are as a society and where she aspires for us to be.

Kenta Toshima
Project Academic Specialist, University of Tokyo (Information Somatics Lab)

Since 2014, Kenta has specialized in planning and developing therapy programs using virtual reality at welfare facilities, especially for the elderly. He is currently working on creating a system that can contribute to solving local issues at a 360-degree video production workshop for healthy elderly people.

Kevin Truong
Education Grants Program Manager, Unity

Kevin manages the Unity Charitable Fund's education grant strategy and partnerships. He has led educational and youth development programs across the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors for over 10 years.

Kyungeun Wang
Sixth Grade Teacher, Seoul Singa Elementary School

Kyungeun has been working as an elementary school teacher for 11 years. She has a keen interest in maker education, and has been teaching her sixth grade students using new digital technology and tools to engage them as creative learners. Recently, she began graduate school with a major in AI education.

Lee Sang-min
Teacher, Jincheon Sangsan Elementary School

Lee is an elementary school teacher in Korea. He graduated from the Department of Elementary Education at KNUE (Korea National University of Education), and is now completing a master's degree in computer education there. He is interested in video games as educational tools.

Linda Ricci
Founder, Decahedralist Consulting

Linda is the founder of Decahedralist Consulting, a boutique firm defining strategy at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation. A recognized Web 3.0 thought leader, her mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of immersive technology and spatial computing.

Marin Vesely
Technical Director, Love Death Design

Marin is a new media artist and researcher based in Los Angeles, California. Her projects focus on themes including geopolitics and community resilience, and take the shape of video games, installation art, and short films.

Marina Psaros
Head of Sustainability, Unity

Marina is Unity’s global head of sustainability and a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Arsht-Rock Resilience Center. She has led climate change action programs across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors for over 15 years.

Marissa Harts
Director of Programs, Games for Change

Marissa manages various G4C Learn initiatives including the Student Challenge and Game Plan, their newest museum program. She excels at using proven methods and cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and increase productivity. Previously, Marissa supported various educational organizations and programs for students of all ages.

Dr. Max Mallia-Parfitt
Senior Software Development Consultant, Unity

Driving digital twin adoption with clients is core to Max’s role at Unity, drawing on more than a decade of construction sector experience. With a background in systems engineering, virtual reality, and robotics, Max is perfectly positioned to help deliver a new age of construction efficiency through technology.

Dr. Meghna Singh
Visual Artist

Meghna is a visual artist with a PhD in visual anthropology from the University of Cape Town. Working with video installation and XR and blurring boundaries between documentary and fiction, she creates immersive environments highlighting issues of ‘humanism’. She codirected Container: Witness the Invisibilised with documentarian Simon Wood.

Paul Mensink
Graduate Environmental Programs Director, Western University

Paul is the director of graduate environmental programs and a teaching fellow at Western University. He researches how immersive technologies impact student motivation, engagement, and scientific literacy, with a focus on engaging students with STEM subject matter related to sustainability and ocean ecology.

Rosamund Williams
Senior Instructional Designer, Unity

Rosamund is an educator and learning experience designer on Unity's Real-Time Learning team. She has a keen interest in game accessibility, and was the instructional lead for Unity's Practical Game Accessibility course. Previously, Rosamund worked in higher education and as a high school teacher.

Rosario Dawson
Artist, Producer, Designer, & Activist

Rosario has appeared in over 130 film and television projects including Kids, Rent, Clerks II, Sin City, and Marvel’s adaptations for Netflix. She has founded voter registration and ethical fashion organizations, sits on multiple nonprofit boards, and is an advisory council member for the Smithsonian Women’s Museum.

Sarah Applebaum
Assistant Teaching Artist, Urban Arts

Sarah is an experienced developer and the project manager and producer of the mobile game Street Shuffle. She teaches Unity game design and programming to high school students, and is currently pursuing a degree in information technology at Rutgers University with a specialization in game production.

Dr. Sarah Whateley
Water Resource Scientist, The Nature Conservancy

Sarah is a water resource scientist at The Nature Conservancy in New York. Her primary research interests include addressing water management challenges at the intersection of society and the environment, climate impacts on water systems, and web-based decision support.

Sean Wybrant
Educator & Hero Crafter, Crafting Heroes

Sean teaches students to be architects of the metaverse in his high school classroom and is a cofounder of Crafting Heroes, LLC, which provides high school students with XR internship opportunities developing software for local nonprofit and cultural institutions.

Sheila Ndungu
Marketing, Supercell

With a decade of experience in mobile gaming, Sheila’s expertise lies in content and product marketing. She has worked closely with CSR and Hay Day’s development team to bring social good into the gaming experience through environmental activations like Play for Trees and Farmers for Farmers.

Tamara Shogaolu
Creative Director, Ado Ato Pictures

Tamara is the founder and creative director of Ado Ato Pictures, an award-winning production company based in Los Angeles and Amsterdam. Named as a leader in the field of new and immersive media by The Guardian, Forbes, and Vogue, Tamara’s work has been featured at Tribeca, IDFA, the MoMA, and other showcases.

Thomas Winkley
Technical Marketing Advocate, Unity

Thomas is a Unity certified programmer and instructor, fighting game commentator, community organizer, and amateur pizza enthusiast. If he isn't rebuilding a game mechanic he found interesting, you can find him mashing buttons with a glass of whiskey in his hand.

Tomoki Itamiya
Professor, Kanagawa Dental University

Tomoki received his PhD in Media and Governance from Keio University in 2010. He worked at Tokyo University of Technology and Aichi University of Technology before assuming his current position in 2020. His area of expertise is AR and VR application in medicine, dentistry, and disaster risk reduction education.

Tony Patrick
Worldbuilder, Writer, & Immersive Creator, The (Re)Writers Room

Tony’s penchant for creating fictional and immersive worlds for projects like X’ed, Batman & The Signal, and Hereborn Park has catapulted him into numerous fellowships, festivals, and advisory councils. He is the creator of the (Re)Writers Room, which offers community-centric world-building workshops.

Tyrion Kang Kim
Founder & CEO, Kangsters Corp.

Tyrion is an experienced global sales professional in the able-tech industry and the founder and CEO of Kangsters Corp., an able-tech venture to empower his parents with physical disabilities. To impact more people, he is dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities in health and fitness for the differently abled community.

Umesh Ramnarain
Professor, University of Johannesburg

Umesh is a professor and department head in science education at the University of Johannesburg. His research focuses on inquiry-based science education and its uptake in South African classrooms, along with technology’s role in addressing inequality and enhancing science learning experiences.

Ursula Smolka
Head of Centre of Excellence Digital Enabled Asset Management, Ramboll

Ursula is an IAM-certified asset management expert with over 10 years of experience in data-driven O&M across different life cycle phases. She is a passionate advocate of strategic asset management and digital technologies driving cost-efficient, safe, and agile offshore wind business operations.

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