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GODBOX® powers Unity real-time virtual production

GODBOX® is the first Unity-verified computer platform developed specifically for real-time virtual production both on-set and in the cloud.

GODBOX® low-latency computing

“Low latency” describes a computer that is optimized to process a very high volume of data with minimal delay (latency). GODBOX® computers are designed to support applications that require near real-time access to multiple sources of rapidly changing data.

GODBOX Registered Trademark

OSF Computer System

Real-time production with Unity

GODBOX® is the low-latency computing platform that’s used by Unity developers and artists to create and interact with spatial, virtual, and real-world data, in near real-time.

GODBOX® for Unity artists and developers

Low Latency
Low latency

Balancing latency, stability and power, GODBOX® will always deliver the most power with the lowest system latency.

Faster FPS
Faster fps

GODBOX® connects directly to all your system’s peripherals such as LED displays, tracking and capture devices for faster fps and lower latency.

Production Class
Production class

Used by artists and developers around the world – on-set and in the cloud – GODBOX® is the trusted computer platform for real-time virtual production.


GODBOX® brings NVIDIA RTX, AI and Omniverse on-set for enhanced real-time rendered graphics, collaboration and simulation.


GODBOX® uses AMD Threadripper or Dual AMD EPYC CPUs for the fastest local access and processing of RTVP data.

Remote Support
Remote support

GODBOX® systems can be installed anywhere in the world complete with remote installation, training, and support for your team.

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