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Unity Pro gives you premier access to our dynamic real-time 3D platform – the same one that powers over half of all video games worldwide and leads innovation across AEC and manufacturing.

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What is Unity Pro?

Unity Pro is the real-time 3D development platform of choice for professional creators who want the most flexible and reliable tools, services, and resources to launch successful projects on any device.

Discover Unity 2021 LTS

The Unity Long-Term Support (LTS) release offers creators the most stable, reliable, and supported version of Unity. Released annually, Unity LTS is supported with biweekly fixes for two years, without introducing feature or API changes, so you can lock in production with confidence.

Discover Unity 2021 LTS
Speed up iteration for top-tier quality
Speed up iteration for top-tier quality

Explore a wide array of updates for programmers to help achieve quality, quickly, through improved workflows, better Editor usability, and enhanced testing tools.

Access and optimize creative workflows
Access and optimize creative workflows

Benefit from fully integrated visual scripting, updates to VFX Graph, Shader Graph, Cinemachine, 2D and Terrain Tools, and new runtime UI authoring with UI Toolkit.

Leverage updated render pipelines
Leverage updated render pipelines

Craft stunning visuals with powerful rendering solutions supported by an ecosystem of tools to drive scalable graphics or push the limits of high fidelity.

Apple silicon support
Reach players on new platforms

Gain support for Apple Silicon and Chrome OS, plus additional resources for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Oculus, OpenXR, Android, and Samsung Adaptive Performance 3.0.

Unique benefits for Unity Pro subscribers

Deploy your game to closed console platforms

Build and deploy games and apps to closed platforms such as Nintendo, PlayStation, Stadia, and Xbox. An active Unity Pro subscription (or a Preferred Platform license key provided by the respective platform holder) is required to access these specific build modules via developer platform forums.

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Benefit from Success Advisors and priority support

Your customer service tickets take priority, whether they concern licenses, ID accounts, organizations, the Asset Store, or other non-technical issues. With access to Unity’s Success Advisors, you can gain further insight on the latest updates, plus resources to help you stay on track.

Meet Success Advisors

Advanced Cloud Diagnostics

Uncover the cause of crashes damaging your revenue goals and game ratings. Cloud Diagnostics provides real-time error monitoring to identify, investigate, and resolve the crashes and exceptions impacting your Made With Unity games at each critical stage of the development lifecycle.

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Explore other add-ons available to purchase

Unity Pro customers can purchase additional products and services to accelerate development and improve their ability to scale as project needs grow and become more complex. Some of these extra add-ons include: Technical support, Integrated Success Services, Source Code access, and Build Server license capacity.

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Future-proof your next project with Unity Pro

Unity’s production-proven 3D platform is behind a wide range of innovative games, interactive experiences, and industrial applications today.

Lock in the current Unity Pro rate with an annual plan before prices go up on October 13, 2022.

Frequently asked questions


What Unity tiers can I subscribe to?

Unity currently has different plans according to your tier eligibility, subject to the Unity Terms of Service.

  • Unity Personal (annual revenue/funding cap of $100K)
  • Unity Plus (annual revenue/funding cap of $200K)
  • Unity Pro (no revenue cap)
  • Unity Enterprise (no revenue cap, minimum 20 seat purchase)

For more information, see this article.

Do I own the content that I create with Unity Pro?

Yes. You fully own the content that you create with Unity, even if you cancel your subscription.

Does Unity take royalties?

No, Unity is royalty-free. We don’t charge on a per-title basis or require a revenue share model.

How can I get shared or “floating” licensing for Unity?

Floating licensing is available exclusively to Unity Enterprise subscribers. If you are interested in shared licensing options for pools of users, please contact Unity Sales or see all Subscription FAQs.

How do I access Learn Premium and other licensing resources?

All Learn Premium content and live offerings are freely available to users on the Unity Learn platform. Simply head over to the platform and start learning.

Can I build and deploy to closed platforms (like Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox) with Unity Pro?

Yes, you can build and deploy to closed platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Xbox with an active Unity Pro subscription (or a Preferred Platform license key provided by the respective platform holder). You will also require approval from each platform holder in order to develop for their platforms. Please contact them directly for further details.

What happens at the end of the 30-day Unity Pro trial?

At the end of the 30-day Free Trial period, your subscription to Unity Pro will automatically renew according to the frequency and price you selected on the check-out page. You can manage your subscription’s settings anytime in your Unity ID account.

If I cancel my service before the end of the 30-day Unity Pro trial, will I be charged?

No. If you cancel before the end of the 30-day period, you are still entitled to use Unity Pro for the duration of that 30-day period but will not be enrolled in a subscription or charged a monthly fee.

Other Unity Pro benefits

How do I get in touch with a Unity Success Advisor?

Learn more about Unity Success Advisors and access their services through the Success Hub.

How do I submit a priority-queue customer service ticket?

For help with licenses, ID accounts, organizations, the Asset Store, and other non-technical issues, simply submit a ticket. When you sign in with your Unity ID associated with a Unity Pro organization, you will automatically be placed in the priority queue.

How can I purchase technical support, Source Code access, or other custom solutions?

The best way to do this is to contact Unity Sales directly.

I have other questions about Unity. Where can I find more info?

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