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Unity version control (Plastic SCM)

For those working on projects with multiple team members across various roles who need to collaborate on large filesets and binaries while minimizing lost work and overly technical tooling. Start free with a shared repository hosted in the cloud. If you need an on-prem solution, contact sales to get started.

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Unity Cloud Build

For Unity mobile and PC game developers, Cloud Build is a turnkey CI/CD solution that automatically creates performant and multiplatform builds in the cloud to deliver higher-quality games to market more quickly than ever. If you need an on-prem solution, learn more about Unity Build Server.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Plastic SCM Cloud Edition priced?

Your first three users and 5GB of monthly data storage are free. After that, pricing depends on your monthly active users and total cloud storage. 4+ active users are $7/user per month. Cloud storage of 5–25 GB is $5 per month, 25+ GB is $5 per 25 GB. If a user is not active during a month, you are not billed for that user that month. You can find more information here.

How is Cloud Build priced?

Cloud Build 2.0 pricing is completely metered. You will only pay for what you use. You are charged for build minutes, based on the platform you are building for. For Windows the price is $0.02/min; for Mac the price is $0.07/min; and it’s $10 per build machine concurrency.

What is Plastic SCM Cloud Edition?

Cloud Edition is a version control system for teams who only need a cloud server (and optional local cloned repos). You can push/pull (or directly checkin) to a cloud server. Cloud Edition includes a Unity Plastic SCM client and the cloud service.

What is Plastic SCM Enterprise edition?

The Enterprise Edition subscription license provides full usage of Plastic SCM and covers product maintenance (including the upgrade to major releases) and technical support. Currently it only provides on-prem support. The prices are: $262 per user per year, or $23 per user per month. Contact sales for more information.

How can I download Plastic SCM?

You can download the Plastic SCM from the download page of the Plastic SCM website and obtain an evaluation copy for 30 days for five users. The licenses are governed by the terms of the End User License Agreement.

Which licensing option is best for Plastic SCM?

If you need an on-premises server, Enterprise edition is the recommended option. Otherwise, use Cloud Edition.

Can I purchase Plastic SCM Enterprise online?

Plastic SCM Enterprise is currently only available for online purchase through the Plastic SCM website. The Unity team will be bringing this option into soon. In the meantime, you can purchase via or contact sales to get started.

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