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3D Lightfield immersive experiences

Make your content spring to life with enhanced depth, texture, and light. 3D Lightfield enables you to create immersive sensory experiences for Leia’s Lume Pad.

Experiences the way they are meant to be seen

Discover the first 3D Lightfield content creation, distribution, and management platform. Targeted uniquely for Lume Pad, features a developer portal with a comprehensive set of tools and resources.

Leia appstore

Let your creativity flourish with art and photography apps, learn a new subject or play games with heightened emotion and unparalleled interaction. There are no limits.


Save time by connecting directly to Unity and previewing 3D Lightfield content in Unity on Leia displays. Simply download the remote APK, which is found in the same folder as the Unity SDK package.

Tamas Kozak, CEO, Invictus

“We love seeing our games in real 3D, not a 3D game flattened onto a 2D surface. We’re now creating truly immersive 3D experiences so that players actually feel like they’re looking through a portal and seeing a new world behind the screen being held in their hands. The unanimous reaction: ‘Wow! This is really 3D!’”

Tamas Kozak, CEO, Invictus
Andy Lewis, Lead Unity Developer, Infuse Medical

"It’s amazing how the ratio of effort to payoff is off the charts when using Leia. For any application that requires depth, 3D Lightfield really makes it shine unlike anything we’ve seen before."

Andy Lewis, Lead Unity Developer, Infuse Medical

Key benefits

3D content for a 3D Lightfield display

Create immersive 3D Lightfield experiences: with depth, texture, and light – this is how it’s meant to be experienced.

Easily convert existing Unity content

Using the Leia plug-in, quickly and easily convert your Unity-based applications for Lume Pad.

Streamlined publishing to the Leia appstore

Easily deploy for Lume Pad and a broad range of supported devices, from mobile to automotive consoles.

A perfect visualization display for Forma

Experience photorealistic, immersive, interactive 3D renderings in Lightfield format to draw customers, trigger an emotional response and increase engagement + conversion.

Furioos cloud rendering services

Use the power of the cloud to bring huge amounts of data to the Lume Pad for immediate, immersive and interactive 3D Lightfield visualizations. Furioos allows for real-time streaming to the device from anywhere, anytime.

Join Leia’s community

Benefit from the support of seasoned 3D Lightfield/Unity developers pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and creating truly unique content for the world to enjoy.

Learn how Leia will transform your business

Upgrade your Unity projects for mobile, augmented and virtual reality, automotive, retail, gaming, and more with Leia.

Frequently asked questions

Who should create for Lume Pad?

Anyone looking to tell visually compelling stories should be creating 3D Lightfield experiences. In today’s market, industries ranging from automotive to entertainment are looking to 3D visualization to showcase their ideas and products. Lume Pad’s 3D Lightfield displays real 3D content, not 3D content flattened onto a 2D surface.

How do I get started?

Download the latest version of the Leia Unity SDK and then follow the steps outlined in the quick start guide.

Do I need a Lume Pad to experience 3D Lightfield?

Yes. While you don’t need a Lume Pad to create apps for the Leia appstore, 3D Lightfield experiences are unique to Lume Pad. Learn more about the Lume Pad here.

Why should I choose Lume Pad over its competitors?

3D Lightfield enables real 3D experiences, apps and games. As an Android 10 tablet, it’s fully compatible with apps in 2D (Google Play Store), and you can switch from full resolution or regular 2D apps to immersive 3D Lightfield easily. The tablet functionality is familiar, with more content options than VR headsets, and is compatible with other devices, including VR 180/360 and SteamVR via Cloud-XR.

Can I port existing apps and/or create new ones?

Yes, you can both port existing apps and create new apps. For existing apps made with Unity, it takes 5 minutes to install the plug-in. In most cases it will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 days to optimize your app.

How can I display a SBS/4V picture or video on my Lume Pad?

If you want to display a SBS picture or video on your Lume Pad, add _2x1 to the filename just before the file extension. If you want to display a 4V picture or video on your Lume Pad, add _2x2 to the filename just before the file extension.

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