Cloud Build

Cloud Build automates multiplatform builds in the cloud so you can iterate quickly and improve quality. Setup takes minutes and works with your existing source control repository.

Iterate faster for higher quality

Cloud Build simplifies and automates your workflow, so your team can ship higher-quality games faster.

Getting started with Unity Cloud Build
Turnkey migration and setup

Point Cloud Build towards your existing version control system and start building. Use continuous integration to trigger new builds when there’s a change to your project.

Cloud scale and automation

Move your build pipeline to the cloud to free up local workstations for higher-value activities, empowering your team to maximize resources and increase iteration.

Build once, deploy everywhere

Automate across platforms. Cloud Build works with all major mobile and desktop platforms, removing the need to maintain a unique infrastructure for each environment.

unity cloudbuild
Best for Unity

Cloud Build is designed to work seamlessly with the Unity Editor and other Unity tools like Plastic SCM, making our product ecosystem your one-stop shop for development workflows.

1. Setup

Point Cloud Build to your version control system.

2. Trigger

Commit a change to your project.

3. Build

On trigger, a build is automatically created.

4. Deploy

Your team is notified when the build is complete and ready to use.

Creators love Cloud Build

Unity teams that use Cloud Build spend more time doing what they love – creating.

Chad Moldenhauer, Cuphead, Studio MDHR

“Cloud Build for Unity Teams managed our builds, so we could focus on our game.”

Chad Moldenhauer, Cuphead, Studio MDHR
Andrew Fry, Spry Fox

“Having our builds in the cloud, and giving people the ability to fetch it from wherever they are, out and about, is amazing.”

Andrew Fry, Spry Fox
Brian Ostrander, Jump Ramp Games

“The setup process for Cloud Build was trivial… we simply had to provide it with a link to our repo, and it spit out our first build.”

Brian Ostrander, Jump Ramp Games
Raul Gutierrez, Tinybop

“It’s really changed our workflow… instead of waiting a couple of days or a week for a build we can now check in continuously.”

Raul Gutierrez, Tinybop

Understand your build options

Looking for an on-premises build solution for your Unity projects? Unity Build Server cost-effectively scales your on-prem build capacity with automated or on-demand builds on your dedicated network hardware.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a project size limit?

Currently, Cloud Build supports project sizes up to 40 GB. Custom plans are available for larger projects. Contact us for a consultation.

What platforms does Cloud Build support?

Cloud Build supports iOS, Android, WebGL, Windows Desktop, macOS, and Linux from a single Unity project.

What do I need to use Unity Cloud Build?

A source control repository. Git, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial, and Perforce are supported. Additionally, Cloud Build works with Plastic SCM.

Do you charge for storage in Cloud Build?

No. Any required storage will be included at no additional cost. You will only be charged for the build minutes you consume each month.

How do I create a source control repository?

See our Unity Cloud Build technical documentation.

Does Cloud Build support custom requirements?

Yes. Contact us with your specific requirements for a consultation.

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