Unity for artists

Artist-friendly authoring tools and workflows

Whether you’re looking to create rich and vivid biomes or precision-detailed humans and animals, Unity Art Tools can help bring your stories to life – in real-time.

A new era of creativity

Create compelling, high-end content with Unity Art Tools. Realize your creative vision and achieve greater visual fidelity with powerful authoring solutions that support everything from material authoring and vegetation modeling to creating digital characters, from real-time animation and performance capture solutions to live artistic collaboration. If you can imagine it, our tools can help you create it.

Art tools

Create and collaborate with greater speed and precision.


Create vegetation for every environment with a combination of procedural modeling, photogrammetry workflows, and intuitive art tools.


Generate real-time humans and characters with scalable, accessible workflows.


Bring more magic to content of all kinds, from cinematic realism to mobile games and real-time XR, with industry-leading VFX tools.


Synchronize artistic collaboration in real-time across the world, from any location.

Virtual production tools

Create broadcast-ready content with real-time animation and performance capture solutions.

Solutions for artists

Tap into powerful and accessible art tools and workflows.

SpeedTree breathes life into vivid biomes

Bring your environments into being with the power of procedural modeling, flexible art tools, a living asset library, and cutting-edge photogrammetry workflows. Convert photogrammetry scans into procedural models, grow assets around any obstacle, and animate dazzling growth sequences.

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Make high-fidelity characters with Ziva

Create lifelike or stylized real-time characters in scalable and accessible workflows with anatomical simulation artistry tools. Power anything that deforms in real-time on consumer hardware with real-time 3D technology.

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Accelerate virtual production pipelines

Improve live and virtual production workflows for film, television, real-time virtual events, mixed media, and performance capture, leveraging the power of real-time workflows for streamlined and uninhibited linear content creation. Accelerate production without having to wait for the rendering delays of traditional cinema production.

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Wētā is the complete 3D toolchain

Leverage the power of Wētā Digital’s renowned VFX tools for the next generation of RT3D creativity for the most complete artist toolchain for 3D creation, simulation, and rendering. Together, Unity and Wētā Digital’s engineers will begin launching these solutions for artists in 2023.

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Real-time communication with SyncSketch

Power seamless creative collaboration for artists, in real-time and from anywhere. Review static or animated 3D assets directly, from shading and textures to UV maps. Easily rotate 3D assets, change the lighting, mark up with notes, and share feedback on the spot.

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Welcome, Wētā Digital!

We’re thrilled to combine the industry-leading VFX tools and technical talent from the team at Wētā with the deep development and real-time knowledge within Unity.

Take animations to the next level

Unity’s suite of virtual production tools enables artists to create animated scenes more efficiently.

Bring your creative vision to life

Unity Art Tools can help you define new possibilities in visual content while saving time and money during production. Talk to our experts to learn how.

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