AGX Dynamics for Unity

Industry-grade multibody dynamics

AGX Dynamics for Unity enables fast and reliable physics simulations that are true to the real world, for virtual prototyping, training simulators, and digital twins.

AGX Dynamics for Unity robotics

High-quality graphics with high-fidelity physics

Combine accurate physics from AGX Dynamics with all the tools in Unity you need to visualize, interact, and collaborate on professional simulations with full precision and results you can trust.

Simulate any machine or mechanical system

Algoryx ecosystem

The integration gives you quick access to the unique features of AGX inside Unity’s familiar workspace.

Algoryx library

Use the specialized modules to create simulations of just about any machine or mechanical system.

Algoryx modules

Edit and analyze your simulation, all within Unity. The tight coupling between the core and modules makes full-system simulations easy and stable.

Industry domains

Engineering prototyping

Realize your ideas, eliminate mistakes early and shorten time to market. Collaborate and democratize simulation tools to drive innovation and digitalization within your organization.

Digital twins

 Use your simulation model throughout your lifecycle – from prototyping to continual improvement – to monitor, test and optimize without expensive interruptions.

Virtual reality simulators

Tens of thousands of machine operators have learned safe and efficient machine handling in simulators using reliable physics from Algoryx.

Machine learning

Full-system simulation with proven sim2real revolutionizes the development of safe and efficient machine autonomy.  

Modeling capability and performance

The model and solver are insensitive to mechanical singularities and automatically handle kinematic loops.

The direct sparse method solves to machine precision, handling stiff systems with large condition numbers and huge mass ratios.

Contacts, grasping and impacts are represented with restitution, elasticity, dry friction, viscosity and adhesion.

Linear elasticity is an integral part of the multibody model and enables real-time simulation of elastic components.

Contact sets are computed on the fly for many types of geometric representations, ranging from shape primitives to arbitrary meshes.

Physics-based regularization of constraints eliminates the problem of over-constrained systems, e.g., for double hinges.

The symmetry-preserving variational time integrator allows for large time steps, even for very stiff and non-smooth systems.

Grey: dynamic | Blue: contacts | Bottom: static

The solver automatically partitions the system for parallel solves of subsystems, which in turn also are parallelized.

10 dynamic bodies = 60 DOF

Systems are solved with full coordinate methods, giving full dynamics with compliance and dissipation modeling in all degrees of freedom.

Kjell-Ove Mickelsson, Senior Engineering, LKAB

“To use AGX in combination with Unity results in a platform where the road from idea to prototype is extremely fast and cost effective. Industrial-grade simulation combined with all the tools you need to visualize, interact, and collaborate is right there on your workbench.”

Kjell-Ove Mickelsson, Senior Engineering, LKAB
Rami Morssy, CEO, Oryx Simulations

“Thanks to the robust AGX Dynamics, our training simulators of cranes, drilling rigs, wheel loaders and excavators can run in real time with high precision, handling thousands of objects.”

Rami Morssy, CEO, Oryx Simulations

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Frequently asked questions

Can AGX Dynamics model any complex mechanical systems, for example, those found in manufacturing and transportation? Can it also model bulk material for analysis of handling and processing?

Yes, AGX Dynamics can handle all types of systems:

  • Crane systems, cables and wires
  • Wheel loaders, excavators, forestry machines
  • Mining 
  • Earth-moving 
  • Construction equipment
  • Ship simulators
  • Maritime

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