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May 2, 2014   6-8 pm   
    In order to make Spring Fling a success, the PTA is in need of a few volunteers for the evening.  If you can volunteer please sign up at:  Spring Fling Volunteers

May 20, 2014 - Field Day 
If you would like to volunteer please sign up here:   

Teacher  Appreciation Week - May 5th - 9th

MONDAY” -FAN MAIL” Students can bring in a note to their teachers thanking them for a wonderful year. PTA will provide an Energy drink to get the week started. PLAY BALL!  

TUESDAY- “TRADING CARDS”- Bring you teacher a gift card to show your appreciation. 

WEDNESDAY-“CONCESSION STANDS”- Save your teacher a trip to the concession stand; bring your teacher a snack (Candy, popcorn, treats, etc.).  The PTA will be providing their favorite pop from Casey’s.  

 THURSDAY“EQUIPMENT”- Help your teacher stock up on necessary equipment for the classroom with fun colored pens, sharpies, expo markers, glue sticks, etc.  Join the team and wear you favorite baseball team shirt. PTA will provide a relaxation therapy called Healing Touch for the teachers and staff.

FRIDAY-“HOME RUN”- Show your appreciation any unique way you like to help your teacher make that Home Run!  Dress up as a fan!  The PTA will be providing Fire House box lunches for the teachers and staff.

The Staff wish list and classroom wish list can be found on the PTA website.     


The official Falcon 500 results are in!!  We raised $8,866 -  $2,216.50 goes back to the RE Classroom Teachers.  Way to Go RE!!

Frier, Beyer, Murphy, Moore, Martin, Walters, Grauer- AM, Starling,  Little,  Whitlow,  Grauer-PM, Sloan, Betts, Mills, Hodges, Gleason, Broxterman, Hembrey, Sahadeo, Floyd, Linville, and Roush

April 25th - No School
April 28th - PTA General Meeting @ 7pm
May 2nd - Spring Fling
May 5 - 9 Teacher Appreciation Week
May 12th - School Supply Order Due
May 14th Reading Day
May 20th Field Day
May 20-21 BOGO Book Fair
May 22nd Last Day of School

Thanks for all the Riverview Families who supported the Book Fairs.  The above picture is some of the items that Mrs. Hallier has been able to add to the RE Library.


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The PTA is looking for 1 addition individual to add to our 2 member Audit Committee.  The committee would be responsible for auditing the PTA Books annually.  

The PTA is also looking for volunteers to serve as PTA Leadership (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership, Communication and Fundraising) for the 2014-2015 year.

To volunteer for  Spring Fling and Field Day click the appropriate link below.

Spring Fling Volunteers

 Field Day Volunteers 

Looking for individuals to co-chair the following committees for the 2014-2015 school year.  We already have one volunteer per committee, so you will not be alone!

Book Fairs

Vendor Fair

If you have any questions or are interested please contact the PTA at

To sign up to Watch D.O.G click the following link:

For more information contact Eric Long at