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September 29-October 13 - Cookie Dough Fundraiser!!  For those of you who sell Photo Keepsake items, the Prepaid Gift Certificate will be delivered to the school with the cookie dough.

The week of October 6-10, is Red Ribbon Anti-Bully week. Please look for the Red Ribbon Anti-Bully Week posters in local Shawnee businesses such as Pizza West, Physician Now Urgent Care and Pizza Shoppe this week, October 6-10.  We have some talented and clever artists at Riverview who are sharing a great message – don’t bully and stay drug-free!

The PTA would like to recognize Century Marketing for their continuing support for Riverview Elementary. Don't forget to visit Century Marketing for all your printing and apparel needs!


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The PTA is looking for individuals to volunteer on or chair/co-chair committees  for the 2014-2015 school year.  

Click here to sign up:  PTA Volunteers

If you have any questions or are interested please contact the PTA at

To sign up to become a Watch D.O.G click the following link:

For more information contact Eric Long at